As you’re going thinking about remodeling your bathroom, it might occur to you that you don’t know what kind of materials you want to use for some of the main fixtures, like the shower or sink. It’s important to know all the different kinds of materials available to you for your remodeling process, and know which one is the best. Before picking the material you want, you should talk to a bathroom remodeling contractor to get all the information you need. Today, we’re going to compare three different types of material and which one is the best.

A beautiful acrylic remodel


Tile is a good choice if you want a little more creative control. There are lots of different design options for tile that you can find to fit the style of your bathroom, however, it comes with a cost. There’s a lot of maintenance that comes with tile and grout, making it hard to keep up with, especially if you have a busy life. Tile may attract mold and stains overtime if you stop caring for it frequently, so it’s important to find the time to clean if you decide to go for tile.


This material is quick and easy to install. Acrylic provides a smooth surface that’s easy to once-over if you’re busy with other things around the house. It also retains heat, making your morning shower more comfortable than it would be if you had cold tile under your toes. But, the most important feature in this material, is it’s affordability. You can get the best bang for your buck out of acrylic material, because it’s durable, easy to install, and easy to clean for a good cost.


Typically, fiberglass is the least expensive option. However, it’s also thin and isn’t very durable. Fiberglass is light weight and easy to install and repair, but it flexes and doesn’t have a very stable feel to it. Fiberglass is also prone to fading, scratching, and cracking. Because of it’s poor durability, fiberglass gets expensive in the long run with all of the repairs it will need.

The Winner

All in all, acrylic finishes are the best choice. It retains heat, it’s affordable, and easy to install and take care of. However, you should still consult a bathroom remodeling contractor before making your decision. Contact us at Bath Doctor to talk more about which material is the best for your remodel and how we can help you through the remodeling process.