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Installing a new dishwasher or gas stove may seem like an easy DIY job, in fact it is one of the home improvement projects that most homeowners tend to take on themselves. While installing a new appliance may seem simple, there are so many little things to check and details that need to be addressed that can cause problems down the road for do-it-yourselfers. Consider the following common mistakes made during appliance installation that can cause more damage and harm than you might think.


When installing a dishwasher, you are dealing with an appliance that requires a water supply, a connection to cold and hot water, a drain, and electricity. One of the most common DIY mistakes made when installing a dishwasher is that the drain hose doesn’t feed far enough into the standpipe. If the drain hose come loose you’ll flood and may permanently damage flooring, walls, and electricity.


If you are afraid to install your gas stove yourself because it’s a gas appliance, you really should be. Gas leaks in the home can be fatal and it’s more common than you think. Not turning off the shut off valve is the most common mistake made buy homeowners when installing a stove. In addition to not turning the gas line off most green homeowners will forget to check the integrity of the lines for leaks.


Most refrigerators these days come with ice makers and water lines. This requires one to connect a water line to the fridge; if you don’t have a water line already that is something that can be added by an appliance installer. If you have one be sure to connect it properly and tightly and test the integrity. A leak in the fridge waterline can destroy flooring and damage the refrigerator electrical system.

Bath Doctor includes appliance installation as part of the overall kitchen remodel. We want to make sure that your kitchen is 100% ready for use before we leave. We accurately measure and safely install any appliance. If you need help planning appliance placement in your new kitchen, contact us today for a free estimate.

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