The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was set in place so those with disabilities can use facilities without being discriminated against due to a poor architectural design. One of the most difficult rooms to make ADA compliant, is the bathroom. Today we’re going to discuss ADA compliance and how to make your bathroom compliant before you get a complaint.

A man in a wheelchair in a bathroom

American’s with Disabilities Act

ADA was amended in 2002 to make sure that building built for both able bodied persons and people with disabilities alike. The Act has various rules within it that keep a business from being discriminatory in their architecture, so that everyone can come inside.

There are rules regarding minimum size and height requirements for doors, toilet stalls, bathtubs, sinks, mirrors, and more. There are also different rules for different institutions, like correctional and medical facilities, that need to be met.

One specific room that has universal ADA requirements is the bathroom. Make sure your bathroom is up to ADA code today, or you might have to do a bathroom remodeling if you get a complaint. ADA complaints are not to be ignored, and should be addressed and fixed as quickly as possible so your facilities are accessible for everyone.

Making Your Bathroom ADA Compliant

To have an ADA Compliant bathroom, you have to meet the minimum requirements. The requirements for a single person bathroom are:

For multi-user bathrooms, there are different requirements. They follow the same basic principles, but with a few additional details. Here are some basic requirements for multi-user bathrooms:

How To Avoid Getting an ADA Complaint

To avoid getting ADA complaints, make sure your bathroom is up to code. You may need to remodel your bathroom, and the Bath Doctor can help you make sure you meet all the requirements this time. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you make your bathroom ADA compliant.