There comes a time for everyone when many aspects of daily life become more difficult, like regular bathroom use. When this happens, making a few modifications with the help of a bathroom remodeling company in Maryland can go a long way in providing an easier daily life for you or your loved ones as you age. Check out some of our bathroom remodeling tips that make living at home as a senior easier.

senior bathroom remodel

Consider Acrylic

One of the most popular bathroom materials in use today, acrylic makes up many bathtubs, showers, and walls in bathrooms. Acrylic not only posts a longer life expectancy than most other alternatives, but it’s also quite easy to maintain, which can be a huge plus.

Acrylic liners are perfect for remodeling a bathroom if you don’t want to completely tear down and start from scratch. The versatility of acrylic makes it a great material to use for remodeling and additions to make the bathroom a comfortable place.

Add Helpful Features

While each person’s needs differ, we’ve compiled a list of common bathroom solutions for seniors for your convenience. These may not all apply to you, and you might need modifications not mentioned here, so always make sure to consult with a bathroom remodeling company in Maryland for the best possible planning tips.

Some of the great options available to you for your bathroom remodel include:

Finding Comfort in Your Home

Aging in your own home is an incredible comfort, especially when other aspects of aging are out of your control. Finding the right solutions from the right people can make the process that much easier, like when a bathroom remodeling company in Maryland comes to your location to make recommendations and perform modifications. Ensure that you’re not prone to falls and slips in the bathroom by beginning to plan your senior-friendly acrylic bathroom.

Senior Bathroom Solutions from Bath Doctor

Bath Doctor is your local bathroom remodeling company in Maryland, here to make sure you a bathroom that will work for your senior lifestyle. Contact us today to get a free estimate to start putting us to work on your dream facilities. Our skilled team can help you from the design and planning phase to the finished product.