Most of us like to decorate our homes for the upcoming season. Getting out our favorite seasonal decor is exciting and helps us look forward to what’s to come, whether it be the Christmas holiday, summer bbqs, or pumpkin flavored everything in the fall.

Tastefully decorating for the season can be a challenge, especially in small places, such as bathrooms. Here are some simple seasonal bathroom decorating tips to help make your decorating easier.

Seasonal Bathroom Tips

Non-Seasonal Bathroom Decor

The most important step in decorating your bathroom seasonally is first decorating it without any seasonal items. To make your home easily transition from spring to summer, to fall and winter, you’ll need to carefully choose a color palette. By painting your bathroom in neutral colors, you can easily match seasonal decor to your existing color scheme.

Colors like gray, beige, white, or off-white will work with any interchangeable decor you may have. Similarly, this same concept should be considered when selecting new bathroom countertops, vanities, and a new bathroom floor. The more neutral the color pallette, the more flexible you can be with your bathroom decor.

If you’re unsure of what neutrals you can pull off in your bathroom, ask your Maryland bathroom contractor for their advice!

Seasonal Decor

Now for the fun part, festive decorations! When decorating a small (or big) bathroom, you have the ability to really transform the look of the room for a season or holiday. In this instance, limited space can be your friend, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck with decorations. For example, something as simple as a candle can have a huge impact in such a small space. Choose pumpkin spice in the fall and pink lemonade in the summer to really set the stage.

When implementing seasonal decor in your bathroom, one of the best items to invest in will be matching towels, rug, window curtains, and shower curtain set for each of the four seasons. Whether you are decorating for Christmas or the Fourth of July, these matching towels and curtains will have a huge impact.

Storage Between the Seasons

To stay organized and to keep your bathroom clean and tidy throughout the year, a good seasonal storage system is a must. By using stackable tupperware-like bins you can safely store your seasonal items in the basement, closet, or attic, without using too much space or risking damage. By using some sort of clearly labeled bin, you can also make the switching of seasons easier, by quickly locating the bins you are looking for.

If you don’t have any attic, basement, or closet space to spare, consider decorating with smaller things, such as candles, figurines, or hand towels instead of full size bath towels. Smaller decorations can be stored in small bins under the sink or in vanity drawers if need be.

Decorating your home for the holidays is fun and exciting, and with the right base color scheme finding festive pieces to add to your room or bathroom can be simple. Changing over your decor as the seasons change doesn’t have to be difficult or a hassle if your decorations are stored neatly away from the year before. By following these simple decorating tips, you can take the stress out of decorating, and undecorating.