As we get older, it can become difficult to navigate through tight slippery bathrooms. For those who wish to age in place, creating a safe bathroom is a top priority. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can rearrange and upgrade your bathroom that provides a safe and accessible bathroom for seniors. Check out our top five bathroom upgrades for seniors.

bathroom upgrades


1. Zero-Threshold Shower

Climbing in and out of showers can be a hassle for seniors. That’s why a zero-threshold shower can help. As the name suggests, these showers have no curbs, and that means a wheelchair or walker can easily slide into the shower. They’re a good solution for aging seniors with limited mobility.


2. Walk-in Tub

Does your senior prefer to take baths? If so, a walk-in tub may be a better solution. Seniors can walk in, close the door behind them, and fill the tub while inside. Once they’re done, they can easily drain the tub and walk out. Consider having the controls installed near the front edge so that the user doesn’t have to reach far to fill the tub. 


3. Lever Faucets

Twisting faucets to turn them on and off can become difficult for seniors with limited mobility and joint issues. Lever faucets eliminate this hassle, and seniors can enjoy a faucet that can be turned on and off with minimal effort. There is a wide range of lever faucets available that are sure to match any bathroom aesthetic. 


4. Raised Toilet Seat

The average toilet height is between 17 and 18 inches. Most people have to squat down to reach the toilet seat. For seniors with limited mobility, this can pose a challenge. Increasing a toilet seat by as little as 3 inches can make a big difference. You can raise the toilet seat by either installing a thick toilet cushion over your existing toilet seat or by upgrading to a “Comfort Height” toilet.


5. Grab Bars

Grab bars allow seniors to navigate through the tight spaces of a bathroom. You can upgrade your senior’s bathroom by having grab bars installed in difficult to navigate locations such as:

This cost-effective upgrade will make your senior more comfortable navigating through the bathroom, as well as be a last-minute save in a dangerous situation. 


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