When you think about remodeling your bathroom, style and function are often at the top of your priority list. Everyone wants a beautiful bathroom, but when it comes down to the day-to-day use, you’re also going to want a bathroom that is easy to care for. That way, you can spend more time enjoying your bathroom and less time cleaning it.

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Here are a few design tips that will help you create the ideal bathroom that’s both low-maintenance and good-looking.

Minimize the Amount of Grout 

When it comes to scrubbing your bathroom, grout is often the most difficult part of the process. Not only do mold and stains accumulate between tiles, but grout can also break down over the years and give your bathroom an unsightly appearance. One of the easiest ways to minimize grout is to have an acrylic bathtub liner installed. Acrylic bathtub liners are easy to clean and when you combine this tactic with larger tiles, your new bathroom will be virtually grout-free. Grout is the nemesis of a low-maintenance bathroom, but we can work with you to ensure your remodeling project is just the way you want it. 

Make Sure You Have Plenty Open Space 

Nooks and crannies can be hard to clean, but an open-concept bathroom will be much easier to manage. Clutter will only collect dust, so make sure to keep the space tidy once it’s complete. While it’s in the design phase, you can create space with simple, clean appliances. You can also use floating furniture pieces that mount on the wall to help keep the floors clear. Creating an open space can also provide the illusion of a larger bathroom.

A Good Fan Goes a Long Way 

Though a fan might not be on your remodeling list, it should be. Adding ventilation to your space will make all the difference in the world when it comes to keeping your bathroom clean. After all, with so much moisture in the bathroom, it’s easy for mold to work its way into the crevices. A quiet, powerful fan will ensure that your bathroom stays nice and dry when you’re done using it. 

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