With over 40 years of experience, Bath Doctor has provided stress-free bathroom and kitchen remodeling to thousands of Maryland residents. We often hear from our customers that they have basic plans for their bathroom, but we find there are multiple “pieces of the puzzle” which get overlooked. Here are 6 often overlooked remodeling items:

  1. Lights. Bright… dimming… matching hardware… natural light… all play an intricate part of the overall feel of your bathroom and how it is best used.
  2. Knobs. Choosing the right knobs (or the lack there of) is a great way to emphasize the style you are looking for in your remodel.
  3. Flooring. This can play an important role in the flow of your remodel and can accentuate other decisions you’ve made. Also, using longer lines in your flooring can make your space feel larger.
  4. Sinks. Sinks have become a great way to express yourself and your creative style with their form and function.
  5. Hardware. Along with sinks, faucets and knobs have come along way over the years with many unique styles to make your vanity a centerpiece.
  6. Shelving. Nothing will make your bathroom more functional and usable then choosing the right shelving options.

We’re here to guide you through the process and help you to see your project’s blind spots. If you’re ready to experience the knowledge and care that Bath Doctor brings to our projects, contact us today at (410)444-4133.