Thinking about remodeling your bathroom in 2015? Bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular projects among homeowners around the country, and Maryland bathroom remodeling is not an exception. When done right, a remodeled bathroom can yield anywhere from 60% to 80% return on investment. And if you plan on selling your home in the foreseeable future, you should attempt to convey your style while appealing to the potential buyer by following common remodeling trends.

What are Trends?

The word “trend” can actually mean two slightly different things. The first meaning is “the developing course of events,” i.e. things that many people do and will continue doing. These types of trends are analyzed through consumer or contractor surveys and are fairly reliable, because they are supported by data. If you are planning for the future, these are the trends you should follow.

A “trend” can also mean something fashionable. You hear about this and that “trending” on the news all the time. This means many people are interested in something, but this interest is often short-lived. For example, colorful sinks and toilets and crazy busy wallpaper were trendy ways to decorate the bathroom in the 70s—not so much anymore.

Bathroom Remodeling Trends Worth Considering

So, let’s talk about trends that are actually happening in the bathroom remodeling industry. A recent Angie’s List survey has polled over 1,000 contractor and asked them about how consumer requests and budgets have changed in the recent years. Here are some key findings you might find interesting:

Bigger Budgets

More than half of the surveyed contractors have reported that their customers intend to spend more on bathroom remodeling in 2015. An average bathroom renovation has long been estimated at about 15K, but it looks like many people are willing to add anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 to this budget. Does this mean you have to spend more as well? It all depends on where this money will be going. Different bathroom components will have different value to your future buyers. For example, they might not care for the fancy mirror back-lit with LEDs, but they might appreciate the low-flow toilet.

Shower-only Bathrooms

Some Angie’s List contractors report that many of their clients want to get rid of the tub completely and just go with a wide, high-end shower. This might be an acceptable solution for tight bathrooms in metropolitan areas, but if you live in suburbs or in a location where people move to retire, getting rid of the tub will reduce the value of your bathroom and your home in general. We recommend keeping the tub, even if it’s a simple tub-shower combo. Tubs are also convenient for many other uses, such as hand-washing certain clothing or washing your pets.

Tile in Place of Fiberglass

Tile seems to be the preferred option for tub and shower surrounds among many homeowners. More and more people are choosing the looks over the ease of maintenance. Tile, especially natural stone, is also not the cheapest, but there are some ways to save money if you want the look without spending a fortune. At Bath Dr., we have our trusted network of manufacturers and will be happy to offer you a few suggestions.

Need a trusted contractor to perform all these renovations? Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s discuss how we can help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to bathroom remodeling in Maryland.

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