If you’re looking to remodel your home for resale, it’s important to consider the return on your investment. If comparable properties in your area are selling at prices above what your home is currently worth, it’s definitely worth the cost to remodel parts of your home. So the next thing to consider is what to remodel when selling your home. Here are the remodeling projects which will give you the most bang for your buck.

What to Remodel when Selling your Home

Powder Rooms

If you own a home without a powder room or half-bath on the main floor, you should consider adding one. A home with 1.5 baths will have a much easier time selling than a home with only one bathroom. Adding-on a bathroom is going to be a difficult remodeling project, but it will give you a great return on your investment. If you want to add-on a new half bath, hire a Maryland bathroom remodeling company to take on this project for you to be sure it is done correctly.


First impressions are extremely important. Be sure the outside of your home looks tidy and feels welcoming. If you’re looking to sell your home, be sure the paint is fairly fresh and all walkways and driveways are tidy. Additionally, spend some money updating the landscaping—a few in-season flowers and some lively shrubs will give you a 100% return on your investment, if not more.

Remodel Your Kitchen Before Selling your Home


Ask any Realtor what part of a home typically “sells it” for a buyer and 9 times out of 10 the answer will be the kitchen. A well-done kitchen remodel will increase the value of the home and prevent a buyer from offering a lower price because of an out-dated kitchen. If you’re strapped for cash, have your Maryland kitchen remodeling contractor replace only one appliance with a newer version; sellers will see it and assume all other appliances are new.

Living Room

The living room is where a home-buyer is going to see themselves spending a lot of their time. Strip the living room area of all personalized decorations and replace them with neutral decorations so it’s more of a blank canvas. While a cute picture of the family may be a selling point in your mind, it won’t help sell the home for a potential home-buyer.


Aside from the kitchen and a possible bathroom addition, a well-remodeled bathroom is going to greatly improve the value of a home. Update the bathroom with new floors, cabinets, and a new shower and/or bath to really improve the profit from your home. Be sure to hire a Maryland bathroom remodeling contractor to ensure all the work is done to the highest standard.

For more help on what to remodel when selling your home, contact a local interior remodeling company. They will be able to help you identify trends in the industry and help you get a new bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel that improves the value of your home. For help with bathroom or kitchen remodeling, get in touch with Bath Doctor via phone at 410-444-4133 or fill out the form on our website for a free estimate today!