Over time our bathrooms can become dated and worn, whether from changing styles, heavy use, or lack of upkeep. But remodeling a bathroom can be expensive, messy, and a lot of work. Shower and tub liners have risen in popularity over recent years, offering homeowners more options for updating their bathrooms without the time or financial commitments of a full remodel. What exactly is a shower liner, or a tub liner? Let’s take a closer look at this renovation option.

tub and shower liners

What is a Shower/Tub Liner?

A tub or shower liner is an acrylic insert that is installed over top of your existing tub or shower. The piece is designed to fit perfectly over your current bathtub or shower, and is easy to maintain for years to come. Shower and tub liners allow you to update a dated piece in your bathroom that would otherwise be costly to replace. Liners also include a surround to cover the wall to prevent leaks and water damage, and to ensure you don’t have any grout to scrub.

At Bath Doctor, we offer a wide array of designs and styles for your bath/shower liner, including liners that look just like stone, marble, and granite. A properly installed shower liner can give your bathroom the look and feel of a high-end remodel, without the hours of labor, or the high cost.

What Work is Associated with Installing a Liner?

Liners are perfectly designed to fit over your old tub or shower like a glove—they are custom made to ensure a perfect fit. Once the liner is ready,  our professional shower liner installation team will make sure the fit is just right. Liners can be installed quickly in comparison to a new tub or shower, which often leads to a full bathroom makeover (and a mess!).

How Cost Effective is a Liner vs. a Replacement?

Because bath and shower liners are single units that are simply placed over your existing tub or shower, the labor to install a bath or shower liner is minimal in comparison to a full replacement. And less installation time means more money in your pocket as well as less time showing at your in-law’s house.

If your bathroom is in need of a remodel, or you just want a solution for easier cleaning and upkeep, a bath liner or shower liner may be the perfect solution for your home. At Bath Doctor we have a wide variety of tub and shower liners available, and a team of skilled professionals who can help you find the perfect solution for your home. If you are interested in an estimate on a tub liner, or shower liner, contact us today!