When it comes to bathroom remodeling and repair, experience really counts for a lot. If you’re not doing it yourself, it makes sense to make sure you go with a professional who is experienced–or you might as well be doing it yourself. At Bath Doctor, we’ve picked up a couple of things over the 40 years we’ve been in business. Here are some of the ways we think our level of experience speaks to us and also benefits our customers.



An experienced remodeler doesn’t always mean an overpriced, expensive remodeler. Sure there are contractors of every type that try to turn a dime’s work into a dollar. But with true experience comes better organization and efficiency, which cuts down on time, which cuts down costs, which cuts down on price.

Materials Knowledge

Also, having used a range of materials over the years, experienced remodelers better know the materials and their respective quality and costs, making it less likely that you get shoddy materials.

Budget Flexibility

Finally, our experience doesn’t demand a budget in itself, but rather, better allows us to work with any budget level and adjust scope and costs accordingly, without compromising quality.


Experience also opens doors to picking up clever but reliable ways to save. Some of those DIY Network insider tips might work, but experience acts as a measuring rod to sort out which tricks are worthwhile for the final result, and which ones end up looking cheap, or a waste of time and effort.

What does all of this amount to? Experience gets you a better overall end product and remodeling or repair service that you’ll be happier with. You get more value, more bang for your buck, and are more likely to save in the long run. Contact Bath Doctor today to learn more and get started with an estimate on your bathroom project.

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