Having a shiny, newly remodeled bathroom is exciting, and you’ll likely want to do everything in your power to keep it looking nice. There are some things you could include in your remodel to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning. Let’s look at some bathroom remodeling tips that can make your day to day cleaning routine easier.

Bath Doctor - Remodel to Reduce Cleaning

Built-in Organization

By adding build-in storage solutions to your bathroom remodel, you can save yourself time and headaches keeping your bathroom clean. By installing adequate cabinet space you can keep clutter off your counters, making the space feel more put together. Having clear counters also makes your job scrubbing easier. If vanity storage space isn’t enough for your bathroom, consider built in shelving, a small linen closet, or a medicine cabinet for extra storage.

Bath and Shower Solutions

Consider built-in shelves in your shower for holding shampoo, body wash and other shower necessities. This will make your shower feel organized, and also make cleaning easier. If your bathroom currently only has a tub, you might consider replacing it with a shower for easier accessibility and cleaning. Bathtubs take up more space than traditional showers, so by switching to a shower you could free up some space for storage. Maryland bath to shower conversions are one of Bath Doctor’s specialties!

Laundry Solutions

Laundry tends to be a big problem in bathrooms. Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, clothes seem to accumulate on the floor of the bathroom. By adding laundry solutions to your bathroom you can reduce the clutter and stay on top of things. Having a good sized laundry basket in or right outside of your bathroom can make a huge difference, and can encourage anyone to use the basket rather than the floor.

Clean Color Scheme

Now that you’ve got some organizational things in place, another thing you can do to help your bathroom feel clean is by choosing the right color scheme. Painting your bathroom in light colors can help it feel more open and clean. A consistent color such as white, light gray, or off white will help the space feel more minimal, while also feeling larger.

If you are in the market for a bathroom renovation, there are lots of things you can do in your space to make cleaning easier. By utilizing your space wisely you can have all the storage space you need without any of the clutter. Give us a call at Bath Doctor today (410-444-4133) to discuss your Maryland bathroom remodel!