Everyone’s home design needs to grow and change as they do. What you needed when you were single and in your twenties, is completely different from what’s needed when you’re married and have children. Some rooms in your home will see more changes than others, one of which is your kitchen.

The biggest change to your kitchen is likely to be when you’re starting a family.

You want to make sure you think of kid-friendly kitchen design for your little ones, so they can’t get into anything potentially hazardous, while also being functional for you and the other adults in your home.

kid-friendly kitchen design

That might seem like a tall order given just how many things are in the average kitchen, however, there are some specific things to consider in your design which can create a cohesive, kid-friendly design.

First, is your home’s floor plan. Children, especially as they get a little older and are able to wander off on their own, don’t tend to stick around in one place for long. This can make it difficult to keep an eye on them if you’re busy in the kitchen while they’re off in the living room.

One way to alleviate this problem is to consider an open floor plan. Having a direct view from the kitchen to other communal spaces is incredibly useful where kid-friendly design is concerned. As an added bonus, an open floor plan gives your home a more spacious feeling which gives you a lot of design freedom.

Keeping your children out of the cabinets and drawers is especially important—cabinets are where most of the dangerous things in the kitchen can be found. No one wants their child to get into the chemicals under the sink or the knife drawer. Incorporating child-safety locks on all your cabinets and drawers is an easy fix for this problem ensuring your child isn’t able to get into things they shouldn’t be. Something else to consider for your cabinetry is having slam-proof doors and drawers.

As your child grows, you want to make sure your kitchen stays as safe. To do this effectively, consider hiring a qualified Baltimore kitchen remodeling company when designing your kid-friendly kitchen.

Keeping your garbage and recycling out of reach is another design choice which helps keep your kitchen kid-friendly. There is a lot of stuff in your trash you don’t want your children getting hold of, not to mention the potential mess involved where getting into the trash is concerned.

An easy remedy is to have your Baltimore kitchen contractor install a sliding cabinet drawer for your trash can and recycling bin. No matter which route you decide to go, it will help keep your kitchen clean and your children safe.

There are a lot of options available to make your kitchen safe for your children, and these are just a few of them. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand and you’re in the Baltimore area, then give us a call so we can create a kid-friendly kitchen design for you.

Here at The Bath Doctor, we provide expert advice and explain the many options you can incorporate into your kitchen to keep it functional, beautiful, and safe for your kids.