Spacious master bathrooms may be easier to remodel because of their size, but small bathrooms can easily be remodeled to maximize space and be transformed into more open and adaptable spaces. Do you have a small bathroom that you don’t believe utilizes its space well? Are you looking for ways to remodel your bathroom to create more space and versatility? Here are some remodeling ideas to make your small bathroom feel bigger!

  1. Replace a bulky cabinet with a shelf. Minimizing clutter is the first step in creating more usable space in your small bathroom. Go through big cabinets and keep only essential items in the bathroom. Place a shelf above or beside the sink to hold these necessary items.
  2. Utilize the space above your toilet. This space is perfect for cabinets or shelves. If you currently have a standing storage unit taking up floor space in your bathroom, consider switching to a cabinet or shelf above the toilet.
  3. Place towel racks efficiently. Use spaces like the back of the bathroom door, or next to the sink to install towel racks. This allows them to be out of the way of normal bathroom traffic while still allowing ample drying space.
  4. Use soft, pale colors. Colors that are light and pale tend to give off an illusion of space, and dark colors tend to make rooms appear smaller. Walls, towels, and cabinets/shelves that are lightly colored and soft on the eyes will make the small space in your bathroom feel more open and relaxing.
  5. Use glass. Replacing a shower curtain or frosted glass shower door with a clear glass door opens the shower and makes it a part of the entire bathroom, rather than closing it off in its own space and making the room feel smaller.
  6. Utilize natural light. If your bathroom has the advantage of being located on an outside wall, always be sure that windows aren’t blocked or covered up, and that natural sunlight is allowed in through a bare or lightly curtained window.
  7. Install recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is unobtrusive and eliminates the need for bulky or space-hogging floor lamps. This type of lighting is ideal for bathrooms that are located more centrally within the home that do not have any direct access to natural sunlight.
  8. Add crown molding or wainscoting. These architectural features draw the eye to the beauty of the bathroom rather than the amount of space it contains. Visually expanding the space is a simple and beneficial way to ensure your bathroom doesn’t feel too tight or closed in.

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