Homeowners across the United States face the decision to refinish their bathroom or to remodel it. Both are good options and can freshen up the look and feel of your bathroom, but there are times when it’s best to choose one over the other. If you’re one of the thousands of homeowners who aren’t sure whether to refinish or remodel, keep reading to learn more about both. 

What They Mean

When you choose to “refinish” your bathroom, it means that you’re applying a new finish to existing structures. It’s a cosmetic process to update or improve the look of appliances that are otherwise in working order. It doesn’t require extensive planning, and it generally takes a shorter amount of time to complete than remodeling. 

“Remodeling” means that you’re changing the structure or form of your bathroom. It involves extensive construction and generally takes a longer time to complete than a refinishing project. 


Both procedures have their advantages. One of the most talked-about advantages of refinishing a bathroom is how affordable it is compared to remodeling. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll benefit from a bathroom refinish. Some additional advantages of a refinished bathroom include: 


Going the remodeling route also has its advantages. The biggest advantage of a remodeled bathroom is the homeowner’s complete control over how the bathroom will look.  Homeowners have the ability to add fixtures, update colors, or create a new bathroom altogether. Some other advantages of bathroom remodeling include:


Like all things, there are some disadvantages to both options. The biggest disadvantage of refinishing is that it’s not suitable for fixtures that are severely damaged. Also, if you choose to refinish your bathroom, results will likely not last that long. 

Remodeling a bathroom is expensive, and many homeowners are on a strict budget. Remodeling also takes a longer time to complete than refinishing. 

Need Help Deciding?

If you’re still unsure which one is right for you, Bath Doctor can help. When you call us, we’ll help you decide which option is best for you and offer a free estimate. If you’re tired of having a dingy looking bathroom or just want to freshen it up a bit, let a Baltimore bathroom remodel company help you. Call or contact us today.