Acrylic is, hands down, one of the best materials for a bathroom remodeling project. Acrylic is versatile, resilient, easy to clean, and affordable. Here’s more on why acrylic is the best bathroom material for your next bathroom remodel.

Why Acrylic is the Best Bathroom Material

Versatile Material

Acrylic is a versatile, moldable material which comes in many shapes and sizes, allowing you to get your custom bathroom look quickly and easily. Whether you’re looking for a large walk-in shower or a small soaking tub, there will be an acrylic version that suits your needs. Get in touch with your Baltimore remodeling contractor about what sizes you want and they’ll be able to find an acrylic tub or shower that fits your needs.


Your bathroom is subject to some of the most extreme conditions in your home. From drastic temperature changes to the presence of excess moisture, whatever material you use in your bathroom needs to be able to stand up to this punishment. For this reason, acrylic is the best material for bathrooms because it is virtually resistant to moisture, heat, UV rays, and all chemicals.

Easy to Clean

With any bathroom, one of the main selling points of the material used is how easy it is to clean. Because acrylic is so resistant to chemicals, it makes cleaning it a simple task. In addition, because it is such a moldable material, you can get a one-piece bathtub or shower fixtures, which means no more nasty grout lines and hard to clean corners.


Looking for a luxury bathroom? Acrylic provides all the benefits above, while also delivering a gorgeous looking bathroom at an affordable price. When pricing bathroom options out with your bathroom remodeling company in Baltimore, MD be sure to let them know you want acrylic so you can save a little more on the project.

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