A kitchen remodel is one of the most intense projects that a homeowner can undertake. It can be a huge investment, take longer than other room remodels due to the complexity, and requires a lot of the home owners input and decision making. In order to remove some of the stress of a kitchen remodel, take the time to ask these 5 questions of your contractor prior to your kitchen rebuild.

What materials will we be using?

You should be choosing the tile, fixtures, flooring, and colors for your kitchen. Be cautious of contractors who give estimates prior to knowing the materials that you want to use as this could lead to change orders and price increases. You will also want to use high grade materials and be able to do research on their cost and quality. At Bath Doctor our showroom is brought to your home prior to the job so that you can look at samples of all of our materials. We have expert knowledge on which materials, textures, and colors go well together if you need guidance. In addition to our mobile showroom, we also only use high quality trusted building materials. That way there is no question of the quality of your finished product.

What is the schedule?

When you begin a kitchen remodel, you’ll want more than just the start and finish date. It is important to request an outline of all the “mini-projects” involved with your kitchen. You should know which part of the kitchen will be completed and in what order. When will the counter be complete? How about the cabinets? Those small jobs can hinder other ones and when one task gets pushed back it can set the project end date back further. Bath Doctor makes extra effort to keep your project on task and to set you up with small goals and a solid finish date.

Who will be inside my home each day?

Many home and kitchen remodeling companies use their own staff in addition to contractors. Depending on how large the company is, you may see many different faces through the many phases of your kitchen remodel. You should know the names of the people coming into your home, who is responsible for locking the home when you aren’t there and who is supervising any outside contractors. When you work with Bath Doctor you work with a small local team. Our staff is responsible, respectful of your home, and you’ll know them all by name!

How can I reach you?

A kitchen remodel is a very large project. There are usually daily to weekly things that come up that may require your attention or at least your being in the know. Make sure that your contractor has the best method of reaching out to you. You should also have a number to call after hours in case there is some sort of emergency. Be wary of a contractor who won’t provide a phone number for you to call in the event of an emergency.

How will you protect my home?

There are a number of issues during a remodel that will need to be addressed ahead of time to protect the rest of your home. Dust, for example, can get everywhere, and there are a number of measures that can be taken to protect the furniture and rooms of your home around the kitchen during a remodel. You may also have items that need to be removed and then replaced after your build is finished. Know how the contractor plans to handle the “mess” before you’re the one who is left with it. Bath Doctor prefers to leave your home nicer than when we started. Our staff is clean and courteous to your belongings and takes proper measures to ensure your home is kept as spotless and safe as possible.

If you have any questions for our kitchen or bathroom remodeling team, feel free to reach out to us!

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