One of the most sought-after and luxurious features you can add to your bathroom remodel is a solid shower surround. A strong and impenetrable epoxy aggregate is used to secure engineered stone panels to the walls, providing a seamless and smooth shower surface. Read on to find out why so many homeowners prefer this shower design!

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Reason #1 – Easy Maintenance & Clean-Up

Since there’s no grout in solid surface material, maintenance is needed less frequently than with alternative materials like tile, which requires regular sealing. Solid surface is nonporous and has less joints and spaces where water can collect, making it very difficult for mold and mildew to grow. This shower material is also stain resistant, so harsh cleaning products are not required.

Quick Tips for Cleaning Solid Surface Shower Surrounds

  1. Most regular household cleaners are safe for use on solid surface showers, so you don’t have to purchase new or specialized cleaning products.
  2. Opt for non-abrasive cleaning products for smooth surface surrounds. For matte finishes, mildly abrasive cleaners are safe to use.
  3. Before you clean your solid surface shower surround, test cleaning products in inconspicuous spots to ensure they are completely safe to use and won’t cause abrasions or discoloration.
  4. The Three Easy Steps for Cleaning:
  1. For small gouges and scratches, you can use 220 grit sandpaper to sand the surface, following with a finer 320 grit to remove sanding scratches and smooth. Finish by buffing the surface with a scouring pad.

Reason #2 – Seamless & Customizable

Solid shower surrounds are typically sold in individual panels, enabling you to use them in any way you desire. Whether you only want to update a single wall or you’re looking to utilize the solid surface system for your entire shower, panels are available in sizes reaching 100” high by 100” wide. Panels come in over 50 standard colors for both solid and granite. They are highly customizable with slate, smooth, stone tile, and subway tile patterns. Use their wide array of color and pattern options to integrate your shower design flawlessly with the current theme of your bathroom.

Reason #3 – Low Risk of Water Damage

Solid shower wall panels are seamless, which is a big reason why homeowners love the physical appearance. Being seamless also means that the chances of water penetrating through the surface where panels join are slim to none. Water damage is one of the biggest risks homeowners assume when renovating their bathroom, and choosing a solid shower surround that is nonporous and waterproof can give you the peace of mind that your shower won’t contribute to that risk.

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