Bathroom trends change year in and year out, but oftentimes they continue to get better and more practical. 2018 trends are no different, these upcoming trends focus on functionality and luxury. Let’s look at four major upcoming trends gaining in popularity as we head into 2018.

Bathroom Trends to Watch for in 2018


Storage is everything in upcoming bathroom trends, and not just any storage, but smart storage. Having ample storage space and organization solutions is what it is all about in 2018. Including linen closets, medicine cabinets, and vanity storage helps your bathroom stay organized and clutter free. Minimal bathrooms look clean, spacious and relaxing, and storage solutions allow for a more simple look.


Oversized bathrooms are a big trend for 2018, with ample space being a big must on many homeowners wishlists. Soaker tubs and separate oversized showers are popular, making bathrooms feel more spa-like. Homeowners who are planning a bathroom remodel might consider expanding their bathroom if at all possible, utilizing unused space in the master.


Luxurious additions are also looking to be popular additions in bathrooms in 2018. Things like multiple shower heads, heated floors and island bathtubs are gaining in popularity due to their luxurious look and feel. Bathrooms have become a place of relaxation and rest, they are no longer simply for getting ready in the morning or evening. Many homeowners are opting for luxury in their own little home spa.


Materials like marble and ceramic are raising in popularity and will be the “it” materials for 2018. Ceramic tiles of all kinds are a popular option, especially faux wood tiles which are easier to clean than traditional wood flooring. Tiles also allow for heated floors and for a seamless transition between your shower and the rest of the bathroom. Marble is a popular option for homeowners looking for a more natural look, and it truly stands the test of time, being classic and durable.

Staying up to date on bathroom trends can help you decide what kind of bathroom remodel you’d like for your home. Knowing what is popular can help you invest in the things that will matter should you consider selling your home. If you are ready to start planning your bathroom renovation, call us at Bath Doctor (410-444-4133) to discuss some of our recent Baltimore, MD bathroom renovations. We’d love to meet with you to discuss what trends you’d like to incorporate in your upcoming remodel!